Here are some links to some other pages that I think have important content.  I have not been paid anything for these links -- I put them here because I believe they are valuable.


The state of politics in America is atrocious, but there are some credible organizations that stand ready to help.  They just need wide popular support!

Free And Equal -- an organization devoted to making elections accessible to third party candidates.  This is important because the establishments of the Republican and Democratic parties have a stranglehold on power and continue to inflict their highly un-optimal policies on Americans.

Represent US -- dedicated to fighting corruption in the US Congress.


Open Source Ecology -- An awesome project to build the blueprints to re-create all the necessary machines of civiization in a completely open way.  These machines re-use parts and are completely repairable by anyone.


Seriously people -- please quit eating junk!

Medifast -- A low glycemic diet that really works.  They will not only help you reach your ideal weight, but that is only the starting point.  You then learn how to eat and live healthy the rest of your life.

Food Babe -- Investigates the practices of the Big Food industry and gives lots of good ideas for eating more healthy food.  [Note: While I think this site has a lot of good information, I am not fully convinced of the validity of all of it.]


Dave Ramsey -- Lots of good resources including Financial Peace University.  Optimize your financial life by staying out of debt and saving.


Khan Academy -- Amazing innovation in education that really should lessen the need for expensive schools.  Learn nearly anything for free, from anywhere.  Bill Gates uses it for his kids, and supports it with his foundation.

Raspberry Pi -- A small computer costing $35 (for the advanced model!) invented by a UK based charity dedicated to helping kids everywhere learn computer science.  But you don't have to be a kid to get a lot of value from it!

Simple Living

Embracing simple living (but not to the point of discomfort!) is a pillar of economic optimization.

Buy Nothing Christmas -- A site started by Canadian Mennonites to encourage more simple living around the holiday season.

Why Christmas is a Terrible Holiday -- An economist looks at how un-optimal our holiday celebrations really are.  (Note: I'm not opposed to what Christmas is supposed to represent, but the rampant consumerism that has surrounded it is clearly a large problem.)