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Solar Roadways!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this idea seems to be refuted. Interesting thinking though, and hopefully some of this will work in some contexts. As far as I know there are plans to install it in a few places in the developers' hometown of Sandpoint, ID.

Free Online Courses

IFLScience has a great rundown of various places to take college level courses online for free.  The importance of this should not be underestimated.  Can't afford college?  Yes you can!  All you need is an inexpensive computer and an Internet connection!

3D Printing Houses Update

Resiliant Communities has an article on a 3D house printing project in China.  I am aware of at least one other house printing project, in the Netherlands.  Hopefuly this is an idea whose time has come, or will very shortly, because it is win-win-win.  Less waste, less cost, less debt for the consumer.