About and FAQ

What is this about?

I am proposing re-organizing our economy such that everyone can work at their paid job much, much less!  Possibly as few as ten hours a week.


Quite simply, I want to work towards a world where people are empowered to pursue their dreams.

Our modern lifestyle in America and other First World countries has us living in a rat race to get ahead.  We are at work 40 or more hours a week, often spend a substantial amount of time commuting to and from work, and spend a lot of non-work time on boring chores.  This wears us down to where we are too tired to pursue our dreams at the end of a busy day, and there is often little if any time to do so anyway.

Imagine what you could do if you only had to spend ten hours a week at work:

  • Build quality relationships with friends, family, and neighbors
  • Spend time tinkering on a cool project in your garage
  • Write the next great song, novel, or play
  • Travel the world!  (Well, that might require combining multiple workweeks into one, but that should be easily possible in many cases)
  • Do good deeds like helping the poor and elderly
  • More physical activity to keep you healthy. No more excuses like you don't have time to exercise!

Is a ten hour work week achievable?

Admittedly the number 10 is a bit of an arbitrary guess as to what is possible, but if society follows my proposed Pillars of Economic Optimization, it is clear that we could drastically shorten our work week.  Getting down to 10 is admittedly extreme, but I don't think it is out of the question.  It's only impossible if you tell yourself it is!

So you want to be lazy?

Far from it!  I want everyone to have plentiful time for the things that really matter: relationships, hobbies, and helping others.

Isn't this just idealistic dreaming without regard to practical reality?

Maybe.  But all good ideas have to be started by someone.  If people like my thoughts here, we really can work together to make things more optimal.  If we succeed, the list of benefits is endless!

You're stepping on a lot of toes!

Indeed!  I'm telling about three fourths of Americans that their jobs should be optimized away.  Making my point requires doing so.  I'm stepping on the toes of good people as well as not so good.  To the good people:  I hope you'll understand that you stand to benefit in the long run, even if you have to change what you do.

You called me a leech!  I'm offended!

In most cases, leeches are good people doing jobs that are useful in our current economy.  The point is simply that the jobs shouldn't be necessary in an optimal economy.

In a few cases, leeches really are doing bad things that actively hurt everyone else.  Patent trolls are the best example.

You're just a greedy capitalist and don't want to pay your share of taxes!

Not really.  I recognize benefits in capitalism but also at least one major drawback: It allows wealth to flow too freely to some lucky individuals.  I think government should be lean and efficient and take relatively little from nearly everyone (I do advocate high taxes on the very rich).

Communal living and high taxes on the rich?  You're a nasty socialist!

Not really.  More communal living simply has many down-to-earth economic advantages.  High taxes on the very rich is simply a way to limit income inequality, and seems to produce positive results in places like Scandanavia.

I believe that optimization strikes a healthy balance between pure capitalism and pure socialism.  It lets people be free to innovate and succeed, but builds in a few protections for the middle class and people down on their luck.

Who is behind this and what is his background?

I am MIcah Yoder.  My background is in computer science with interests in business, politics, economics, travel, and photography.

I am on Twitter and my other blog is LibreData.com -- all things related to open source database software.

Surely optimization is a long way off. What can I do now?

Simple: Start by making your life more optimal.  Familiarize yourself with the resources on the Links page here.  Work on getting healthy and financially sound.  Devote time to learning new technologies and how they can be applied to make everyone's life better.  Make sure all the kids in your life do the same things!

If you run a business, be sure it is a producer and not a leech.  Consider hiring "full time" workers at 30 hours a week instead of 40.

Work to get corrupt politicians of all kinds out of all levels of government.  But be open minded -- "disagrees with me" does not necessarily mean corrupt!